Identifiers Model

IDs are used to globally resolve an object type identifier

  • pbsmrtpipe.files.* FileType Ids (GFF, XML, JSON, REPORT, etc…) These are defined in pbcommand
  • pbsmrtpipe.tasks.* Tasks Id defined in the task definition. Tasks/ToolContracts ids format of {namespace}.tasks.{task_id}
  • pbsmrtpipe.options.* Workflow/Pipeline engine level options (e.g., nproc, cluster manager)
  • pbsmrtpipe.task_options.* Option specific to a task (tasks can borrow or share task options by referencing by Id) {namespace}.tasks.{option_id}
  • pbsmrtpipe.constants.* Workflow Internal constants
  • pbmsrtpipe.pipelines.* Pipeline identifiers
  • pbsmrtpipe.operators.* “Chunking” operators that operate on the bindings to produce new tasks